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They say time is money.  Did you ever sit in a meeting or class and wonder how much money was represented by the time of all the people sitting there?  The Meeting Clock will keep track for you!  The Meeting Clock is something I created for fun.  It's a 100% client-side web application that you can download and run on any PC, laptop PC, Mac, Handheld PC, or anything else that has a JavaScript capable web browser.  NEW: You can also bookmark it and run it from any smart phone (android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.)  A version without this text, just the clock application, formatted for smart phones can be accessed here.

To use it, just enter the number of attendees at the event, and an approximate average hourly cost per attendee.  This can be salary, loaded costs, or whatever you think is appropriate.  Click "Start" when the meeting starts.  A running clock on the meeting time will then start, along with a running clock of the cost!  "Pause" will stop the timer.  When you hit "Start" again, it will pick up where it left off (like stopping and restarting a stopwatch).  "Reset" resets the time and cost to zero.

Who knows, bring it to your next long, boring meeting, and maybe it will be shorter!  Or maybe you'll be thrown out!

The section below includes the clock.  To just get the clock itself, click here.  You can freely redistributed this app as long as there is no charge and you maintain the copyright notice.


The Meeting Clock

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