ITS Impacts

VRML viewer required to view the plotThis cityscape plot depicts one of several metrics calculated by Mitretek's "PRUEVIN" methodology for incorporating the costs and benefits of Intelligent Transporation Systems (ITS) into the transportation planning process.  ITS is most beneficial when conditions are other than average (e.g., unusual demand, incidents, and/or weather).  Part of the PRUEVIN methodology includes developing a number of representative "scenario days."  Each represents a different combination of weather, demand, and number of incidents.  These scenario days are then modeled, and the results can be appropriately weighted to provide annualized metrics.

In the graph, one horizontal axis represents the demand, and the other the combination of incidents and weather.  Each box represents a scenario day, and the horizontal areas depict the relative occurence of each scenario over the course of a year.  The height in this case represents the delay reduction.  Therefore the (color coded) volume of each box represents the relative contribution to the total delay reduction due to introducing ITS elements.

When the cursor is moved over a box, the scenario name, and the demand, weather conditions, and number of rush-hour incidents it represents is displayed.

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