The Sunwheel Model

You can also view the Sunwheel in full page mode.
The Sunwheel model is based on the Sunwheel Project at the University of Massachusetts. It takes a little while to download due to the sound effects for the "winter solstice" viewpoint, but the wait isn't too bad even on my 28.8Kbps connection.

The initial default viewpoint is near the center stone, facing north.  You can use the "inside, facing north", "outside, facing south", and "flyover" views to explore the sunwheel at leisure.  If you're browser supports gravity, you may want to switch to "fly" mode in the flyover view, otherwise you'll descend to the ground! 

The sunwheel has 4 stone doorways marking the four cardinal points of the compass. The other four standing stones mark the points where the sun rises and sets on the winter and summer solstices.

After you've looked around, select the "winter solstice" view.  This puts you near the center stone, looking toward the east southeast and the stone the sun rises over on the day of the winter solstice.  This viewpoint also gives you a wider angle, almost fisheye, view.  The model will continually cycle through the day, with the sun rising and setting, going through darkness, and repeating.  It cycles through 1 day in about 1 minute. It's got animation, animated lighting, and sounds.  Check it out!

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This page last updated December 26, 2002