Virml Creek Whitewater Slalom

You can select Full Screen View, although movement will be
jumpy without a fast 3D graphics card.
Welcome to Virml Creek, site of the first whitewater slalom in cyberspace (and winner of the Digital Motion category at the 1999 National Paddling Film Festival). Whitewater slalom is a race through gates on a whitewater river or stream.  The fastest time wins, with penalty seconds added for hitting a gate (2 seconds) and missing a gate entirely or going through the wrong way (50 seconds).  Downstream gates are marked by green striped poles, and upstream gates by red striped poles. 

In Virml Creek, you start off with an overview of the course.  You can also move to the start of the course.  If you select the "HelmetCam" view or the "CableCam" view, and then click on the kayak, it will start running the course.  In HelmetCam, you're in the boat.  In CableCam you're viewing it from the side and above, and the camera tracks the boat down the course.  Sound is active in these two views, and disabled in the other two. CosmoPlayer recommended (WorldView doesn't implement gravity, causing some problems with positioning, haven't tested other viewers).

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