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Trivia Answers

  1. Worms.
  2. I thought the answers were Gentle Thursday and Movin' On. Apparently before Movin' On, there was a weekend festival called the Festival of Life. Any two out of three gets full credit!
  3. Jim Keeler. (There used to be bears kept for research out by the deer pens, and Jim, when running, would occasionaly feed them an apple by hand. One got a little over eager, and got a small piece of finger along with the apple!
  4. "Big Yellow Tit." It was later repainted, and now has been taken down altogether.
  5. The dorms were Leete, Runkle, Holmes, and Beam (which is now the Beam Business Administration Building.. The dining hall was Warnock.
  6. "Dramatic Arts in the Mass Media" (Theater Arts #?).
  7. Ruthie's
  8. Tahoka Freeway
  9. Fiji
  10. I didn't know all these, either. As of '82/'83 I'm told 2nd floor Leete was business, International Cultures was 3rd floor Leete and Rennaisance was 4th floor Leete.  Life Sciences was 1st floor Runkle, Arts and Architecture was 1st and 2nd floor Beam, and International Languages was 3rd floor Beam.  My thanks to Mike Engiles, International Cultures House Fall '81 - Spr '84 for passing this information along.
  11. "Pennying-in" (pennies were jammed between the door and the frame, making it difficult to impossible to turn the deadbolt).
  12. Because it was a very popular game at ICS, played by two teams, gathered in a dorm room.
  13. "Rocks for Jocks"
  14. $0.50 per game. $1.00 to enter the tournament.
  15. Two (it used to be a men's room)
  16. Imitation fried shrimp consisting of fish parts, soy, etc. pressed into a shrimp shape, breaded and deep fried

  17. (Was this the test case for imitation crab meat?)
  18. Natural oils (juices sounds too complimentary) leached out in the steam heating process.
  19. Hulley Gulley, to 'Let the Good Times Roll' by Neilson.
  20. 1971.  It was one of the original interest houses.
  21. Thanks to Margie, the RA at the time, we now know that in either fall '82 or spring '83 the name was changed from ICS to "Social & Self Awareness" (SSA) interest house.
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