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Where Are They Now?

Searching for Friends

Here's a set of Internet resources that can help you locate old roommates, friends, (or enemies for that matter). If you locate a phone number, address, or email address for an ICS alumnus, please email me so we can add them to the contact list for the reunion. 

The Penn State Alumni Association just added a great on-line alumni directory usable by any association member.  Check it out at <>. 

If that doesn't work, here's some of the other search tools I've used and liked: 

The Missing

This is a partial list of ICS alumni we haven't been able to locate.  If you have an address, phone number, or email address for anyone on this list, please a href="">email me so we can add them to the contact list for the reunions.  There are more alums who's full names we don't have, so we can't even list that we don't know them. If you know anyone we should add, even if you don't have contact information yourself, please let us know that also. 

If you haven't gotten information about the reunions, it's only because we haven't got your contact info so we can send it to yout.  Please email your contact information.

Privacy note: this information will be kept private and not published

Ron Lane     Anne Calabrese 
Kevin Christie Kim Conover 
David Dodson Cindy Dormba Gwen Duser Melissa Entrode 
Rob Fenstermaker Paul Fishman Sue Flaherty  
Jim Glenn     Steve Hamblin
Dave Hewitt Ron Hutchinson Glynnis Kemp Doug Kennedy
Lori King Peter King Tom (FUP) Kisiel Joanne Kopak
Laurel Kovar Donna Krause Debbie Lubar Patty Marshall
Dennis Martynowych   Bob McIlvride Jim McClean 
John Mintzer Chrystal Mockenhaupt John Morgan Sandie Nodler 
Ken Orme Christine Sabo Larry Schucker Sarah Tallu Scott
Brian Skowron Jill Smith Jessica Smoker Gary Snyderman
Gary Tooth Bill Wald Scott Weaner Richard Welfley
Gus Widman Jerry Wish