Hobbyist Lidar of note

When I wrote my previous posts on Lidar units, the cheapest 360 degree scanning unit that was suitable for outdoor use cost over $1,000. While both Velodyne and Quanergy have promised sub $1,000 solid-state automotive grade lidar units (at least if bought in automotive industry quantities) within the next 12 months, in the meantime, hobbyists now have the Scanse Sweep. This unit uses the previously reported on LIDAR-Lite as it’s core lidar unit. The specs state that it has a range of 40 meters, a resolution of 1cm, and that because it uses coded signals, it works outdoors as well as indoors. The price, as of today, is $349. This is higher than its original price when launched, which is likely driven by the fact that the cost of LIDAR-Lite units have gone up since it’s come back into production by it’s new owner, Garmin.  The LIDAR-Lite v3 itself has a list price of  $149.59.  While certainly not an automotive great sensor, the Scanse Sweep looks like a good product for outdoor as well as indoor projects, including scale vehicle projects, at an affordable price.

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