Update to Directory Summarizer

I just completed a significant update to the Directory Summarizer tool (see previous post). The user interface is now a GUI rather than using the command line. This is specifically helpful for selecting the root directory by browsing through your drives. And, I added an option to select one or more specific files to summarize, rather than a directory. The GUI is very helpful when using this option. In addition, html and Powerpoint (.pptx) files have been added to the types of files that can be summarized. Previously the tool indexed but couldn’t summarize powerpoint.

In addition, I changed the output format from rather ugly .txt to a Word document.

This gave me a chance to check out some python modules I hadn’t worked with before and also to use TkInter, which had an initial learning curve, especially as the tool tends to have a very linear flow rather than an event-driven flow that GUI tools are oriented towards.